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  • Small Animals, Columbia
    Small Animals, Columbia

    Meeting Your Dogs' & Cats' Health Care Needs

    Our veterinary team offers all of the core services your cat or dog needs, including prevention, surgeries, dentistry, companion laser therapy, internal medicine and more. Your cat or dog is in good hands while under our care.

    Small Animals

  • Large Animals, Columbia
    Large Animals, Columbia

    Quality Equine & Farm Animal Services

    Our vets have over 60 collective years of experience in treating horses, farm animals and large herds. From preventive care to reproductive consultations and more, we work with you to ensure your animals' health. 

    Large Animals

  • Patient Information, Columbia
    Patient Information, Columbia

    Welcoming New Patients in Columbia

    Maury County Veterinary Hospital is always welcoming new patients and clients. Our veterinarians are committed to providing exceptional and compassionate care to Columbia and communities across Maury County and beyond.

    Patient Info

Welcome to Our Columbia Pet Hospital

Maury County Veterinary Hospital is a full-service facility that offers comprehensive medical services to all animals large and small in Columbia, Maury County and the surrounding areas.

From small animal services like vaccinations, routine exams, surgeries and dentistry to dedicated equine and farm animal medical services, Maury County Veterinary Hospital offers all of the care your animals need in one place.

We are committed to life-long learning, practicing our profession with excellence and compassion for all animals and encouraging the human-animal bond in Columbia animals and their owners.

Whether you are bringing your animal in to see us for the first time or have been counting on our veterinary team for years, we will treat your animal as if it was our own.

About Our Hospital

Routine vet care

Routine Care

Prevent disease and catch health issues in your cat or dog early with wellness exams.

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Animal vaccinations

Preventive Care

Promote your pet's health and longevity with vaccinations and parasite prevention.

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Vet dental care

Dental Care

Protect and preserve your dog or cat's oral health with dental cleanings and exams.

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Veterinary surgery services

Surgical Care

Restore your pet's health with elective and urgent surgical procedures.

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  • The vets at Maury County Veterinary Hospital have taken care of my cat, two dogs and horse for over 15 years. I highly recommend them for their knowledge and professionalism. Their fees are reasonable and their office staff is always helpful.
    - Barbara T.

Dog runs

Vet Lab

Diagnostics & Lab

Our vets support our commitment to quality care with the advanced diagnostic tests, tools and technologies in our in-house veterinary lab.

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Canine breeding

Canine Breeding

Find support for your dog's reproductive health with artificial insemination, ovulation timing, pregnancy support and C-sections. 

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Little kitten

Equine vet services

Equine Vet Care

Help your horse stay healthy and fit with equine services at our Columbia veterinary facility, from dentistry to wellness checks and internal medicine.

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Farm animal veterinarian

Farm Animal Services

Our experience in herd health management, breeding consultations and more are available to help your farm animals remain healthy and productive.

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Tips & Advice From Maury County Veterinary Hospital Team

Whether you are searching for advice about parasite protection or for information about common pet illnesses, the informative posts on our veterinary blog provide tips and advice from our team to help keep your animals healthy and happy.

Puppy Teething: Tips & Tricks

Puppy Teething: Tips & Tricks

When you have a new puppy one of the biggest challenges that you may face is the teething process. They will chew on everything in sight. Here are a few tips and tricks from our Columbia vets on how to manage puppy teething pain and help them through this stage.

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Periodontal Disease & Other Common Dental Problems in Dogs

Periodontal Disease & Other Common Dental Problems in Dogs

When it comes to issues commonly plaguing our beloved companions, dental concerns are near the top of that list. Our vets in Columbia are here to discuss periodontal disease in dogs and other common dental problems that may affect your canine companion.

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Do I Have An Overweight Cat? Sign, Symptoms and What To Do

Do I Have An Overweight Cat? Sign, Symptoms and What To Do

Unfortunately, overweight cats are a common sign in today's society. We see a cat that is round and we praise them for their cuteness without thinking about the harm it is causing. Our Columbia vets discuss the issue with having an overweight cat, the signs to watch for and what you can do to help them.

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My Dog Eats Grass: Why Do They Do It - Is my Dog Poisoned?

My Dog Eats Grass: Why Do They Do It - Is my Dog Poisoned?

Most dogs will nibble on grass now and again, but some dogs seem to munch on grass relentlessly. But is there a reason for this behavior? Our Columbia vets talk about why dogs eat grass and when you should be concerned.

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New Patients Welcome

Maury County Veterinary Hospital is always accepting new patients. Our experienced veterinary team is passionate about the health and well-being of animals from across our community. Contact us today to book your first appointment. 

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