1118 W. 7th Street • Columbia, TN 38401 • Phone: 931.388.4750

1118 W. 7th Street
Columbia, TN 38401
Phone: 931.388.4750

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Large Animal

  1. Herd Health and Pregnancy Diagnosis – There are over 60 years of combined experience in our staff. We are keenly aware of local as well as national trends and diseases. Let us insure your livestock is protected from current diseases. Also, don’t feed open cows. This costs you money and is a sure fired way to lose your shirt in the cattle business.
  2. Lameness Exams – We have a digital x-ray system, ultrasound as well as physical exams to help diagnose your animal’s lameness.
  3. Dental – We offer both hand floating and power floating to help keep your horse’s teeth in tip top shape.
  4. Emergency Service – As with the small animals, our phones are answered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We will be there when you need us. We have four emergency and fully equipped vehicles.
  5. Ultrasound – For early detection of pregnancies and assessment of ligament injuries.
  6. Bovine Semen Evaluation – We want to help insure your head sire is performing at his best to insure a close and productive calving season.
  7. Microchipping – For the purpose of permanent identification of your horse.
  8. Equine Passport – A 6 month health certificate for your horse to travel in the states that accept them.
  9. Digital Coggins – This is a way for our clients to download coggins from their home computer and to have an actual picture of their horses.
  10. Hydraulic Foot Trimming Chute for Cattle – If your animal has a foot abscess, long hoof or other foot issue, this chute allows us to roll the cow onto their sides and safely trim or treat the foot with little discomfort to the cow.
  11. Companion Therapy Laser – As with our small animal patients, our companion therapy laser can be used for many ailments including wounds, sores, and lameness/arthritis.

Small Animal

  1. Boarding – Dogs and cats are kept separately in clean, comfortable cages and runs and our staff gives them individual attention daily. We feed Science Diet dog and cat food or you can bring your own specialized diet.
  2. Fully Stocked and Diversified Pharmacy – We keep a full line of all commonly used drugs and can get most others in 24 hours.
  3. Pain Management – We have several modalities of pain management including, but not limited to anti-inflammatory drugs, arthritis medication, nutritional supplements and our new therapy laser.
  4. Laboratory Services – We have top of the line lab equipment and can perform most routine bloodwork, urinalysis and fecals in house within minutes.
  5. Microchipping – Each year thousands of pets are lost or abandoned. Microchipping gives you the best chance of recovering your family member. It is a permanent form of ID for your pet and is kept as part of our medical records. These are legal documents in the case of legal action.
  6. Preventive Health Care – We believe strongly in preventive health care that we tailor to you and your family member.
  7. Nutritional Counseling – There are many choices for your dog’s food from commercial feeds, owner prepared meals, and prescription diets. We can help you decide what is best for your pets at this stage of it’s life.
  8. Surgery – We perform most surgeries in house. Some specialty surgeries such as eye and back surgery are referred to a specialist. We have a surgery laser and an ellman radio surgery unit which allows us to perform more surgeries with less discomfort for our patients. A trained and licensed veterinary technician monitors each pet under anesthesia for normal heart and breathing rates. Our respirator assists any animals that my experience difficulties breathing while asleep. An EKG monitors heart rate and rhythm and allows us to visualize any abnormalities.
  9. Wellness Exams – A wellness exam is performed on your pet during all puppy and kitten series and during all Annual Vaccination Exams for adult pets. We also do wellness Purchase Exams for people buying/selling their pets.
  10. Digital X-Rays – This is the cutting edge of radiologic technologies and we can acquire sharp images in a timely manner. This equipment can be matched with any other equipment anywhere.
  11. Dental Care – Proper dental care is extremely important as it not only affects the pets teeth, but we know much of our heart, kidney and liver disease is caused from bacteria which enters through the oral cavity. Proper dental prophylaxis will help to prevent and/or delay many of these common health concerns.
  12. Vaccinations – Because we live in a dynamic world where people travel and/or move coast to coast, along with our living in close proximity to other families, our pets are exposed to many infectious diseases. Many of these can be prevented. Talk to us and we can help you decide what vaccines are suitable for your pet.
  13. Crematory Services – We don’t like to consider end of life decisions, but they are important. If you feel cremation is in the best interest of your family, we can help you with these services. We offer individual cremation with an assortment of urns or mass cremation if you do not choose to receive your pet’s ashes.
  14. EKG, Blood Pressure Monitoring – Just like their human counterparts, animals have a variety of disease processes in which it becomes important to measure blood pressures and perform an EKG.
  15. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services – We would much rather prevent diseases and disease processes, but when your pet is sick or hurt we will try to get to the bottom of it and decide the best therapy for your pet.
  16. Emergency Care – Our phones are answered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We feel strongly that if we expect you to come to us during regular hours we need to be there after hours if you need emergency care. We also feel we know our patients better than anyone else and we are committed to helping you take care of them.
  17. Dermatology – Many pets suffer from skin diseases. We have a lot of experience getting to the causes of these problems, not merely treating them. We perform allergy testing as well as many other diagnostics for skin disease.
  18. Ultrasound – Our modern ultrasound equipment allows us to peer inside your pet and look for answers noninvasively. We also use ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring.
  19. Artificial Insemination – We can test your female to decide the proper timing for breeding, collect the male or use fresh chilled semen shipped in or frozen semen held in our semen tank. We also perform and recommend surgical insemination for frozen semen.
  20. Pregnancy Diagnosis and Prenatal Care – It is important to know if your female does conceive. We can monitor their pups heart beats, growth and development. We also counsel on special nutritional needs. Some breeds require C-sections and we can plan these for you.
  21. Frozen Semen Storage – If you have a male you want to breed to at an inopportune time we can store semen for you to use when you desire it. Also some older male’s genetics can be kept for some time to preserve that dog’s special traits.
  22. Cryosurgical equipment – This equipment is for the removal of smaller warts, cysts and tumors. Many times these can be removed or frozen without the need for general anesthesia using this new equipment.
  23. Companion Therapy Laser – This laser uses light therapy to help the body heal itself. We have found many uses for this new system including post-surgical (speeds recovery and decreases discomfort), skin and ear infections, arthritis, back problems and many other acute and chronic conditions.